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Sure it is, discriminating against intolerant symbols is a must.

Ombudsman says banning the hijab at school is discrimination

Published: 26 August 2014

Written by Czech News Agency

The headscarf is worn by many Islamic women, not only in countries with majority Muslim populations, but also in European countries. Photo: Flickr.

Sabatová stands up for Somali and Afghan girls who were banned from wearing their headscarves at a medical school in Prague

Prague, Aug. 26 (ČTK) — Czech ombudsman Anna Sabatová has stood up for the Somali student of a secondary medical school in Prague who has been forbidden to wear a headscarf at school, server has reported, referring to the ombudsman office’s internal document.

Muslim girls and women use the scarf, also called the hijab, to veil their hair and neck.

Sabatová says banning Muslims from wearing the hijab at school amounts to discrimination, the server writes.

The school argues its rules ban any headgear.

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