ISLAM IN THE USA Islamic anti-Semitism



The Left’s open borders policy of allowing the worst of the worst into the country is now rearing its ugly head.

The equivalent would an America during WWII allowing Japanese and Germans free entry into the United States and protecting them while they foment the worst anti-U.S. rhetoric they could muster, while their leaders infiltrate the government and its institutions.

NOTE: As Diana West makes clear in American Betrayal, the Russians did just that, now it’s the Muslims.

A hate incident

by Elon Gold

<em>Elon Gold</em>

Elon Gold

This past Friday night, instead of having my usual guests for a festive Friday night dinner in my home, I had three compassionate LAPD officers standing in my kitchen explaining the difference between a “hate crime” and a “hate incident.” My family was the victim of the latter.

We were walking home in Los Angeles after a Friday night dinner at a friend’s house, dressed nicely for shabbat, easily identifiable as a Jewish family. We waited for a light to change on a corner of a major intersection when a black Mercedes SUV pulled up alongside us. Four middle eastern men in their 20’s were in the car. The one in the back rolled down his window and yelled, “Free Palestine!”

I immediately turned to face them, knowing I was in danger and like the Rabbi who was gunned down in Miami on his way to synagogue, this was the beginning of either a hate crime or a hate incident, but either way, hate was coming our way. We all know too well, that “Free Palestine” means free Palestine from every Jew. As they chant “Free Palestine, from the river to the sea.” That doesn’t mean they want a two state solution, they want Hitler’s final solution and a Jew-free middle east.

Then this Arab young man opened the car door, stepped onto the street and yelled at me, my wife and four young children: “I hope your children die! Just like you are killing children in Gaza!”

We all stood silently in utter horror and fear.

Then he got back in the Mercedes and they drove off. We were in a state of complete shock. My ten year old daughter immediately started crying and couldn’t stop. She kept yelling, “I’m scared.” My 5 year old daughter asked me why they want her to die? My other kids were too rattled to say anything.

I was stunned that I can no longer feel safe walking on shabbat with my family in my city. I kept reading about all the anti-semitism all over Europe, but here in these United States? That my innocent children had to be exposed to this level of anti-semitism has shaken me to my core. These people weren’t just yelling “Jew bastard” as I’d experienced growing up in the Bronx, they were wishing my children dead, right to their angelic faces. This was beyond appalling.

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