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Basic Islam 101’ers.

It’s entirely irrelevant that some Muslims are nice, what matters most is that they are, by default, rejecting huge swaths of the core tenants of their ideology. That said, it does nothing to erase those core tenants, which hundreds of millions of their co-religionists pay allegiance to.

“It was very hard. We have German friends that are Nazis, who are very nice. But these people (SS) ? I don’t know why they do that. Because we’re Jews, that’s all.”

NOTE: That’s the last line in the article I reposted, it’s just changed a tad to reflect the over all severity of the statement.

Iraq: ‘The jihadists raped women and children’

Iraq: 'The jihadists raped women and children'

Iraqi Christian refugees who fled the violence in their country reunite with relatives residing in France upon their arrival in Paris on August 21, 2014. Photo: Joel Saget/AFP

Published: 22 Aug 2014 17:04 GMT+02:00

From the rescue plane which took them on a one-way journey to France, two Iraqi refugees revealed tales of rape and fear at the hands of Islamic State that forced them to flee their homeland with nothing.

Rene, who did not want to give his last name, said the Islamic extremists currently rampaging through Syria and Iraq were as terrifying as they were sophisticated in their communication methods.

He was one of 40 refugees who landed Thursday in Paris after being flown out of Arbil along with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who indicated that France was prepared to take in more people in “extreme cases.”

“The jihadists raped women and girls, kidnapped people,” Rene said.

“It was very hard. We have friends that are Muslims, who are very nice. But these people? I don’t know why they do that. Because we’re Christians, that’s all.”

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