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I am against the thuggish attack on this woman, as much as I would be against the thuggish attack of a 84 year old ethnic German woman in the UK sporting symbols of the Third Reich.

NOTE: However, nothing is mentioned about the 2nd woman, was she a Muslim (so we must assume she wasn’t otherwise it would have been reported as such) nor exactly what the thug said when he assaulted her.

Islamophobic Bigoted attack on 84-year-old woman

Islamophobic attack on 84-year-old woman

IGGiÖ president Fuat Sanac. Photo: APA (Archiv/Fohringer)

Published: 22 Aug 2014 17:19 GMT+02:00

Police confirmed that they received a report of the attack in the Favoriten area of Vienna, and are currently investigating.

The perpetrator was a 30 to 35-year-old man who spoke and insulted the woman using a strong Viennese dialect.

Another nearby woman was also knocked down by the man, according to reports.  Nearby teenagers who came to the assistance of the old woman were unable to prevent the man from escaping after committing the assault.

According to the IGGiÖ, the Turkish woman, who uses a cane, was initially in shock and could not be interviewed by police.  She was taken to the emergency hospital in the 20th district.

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