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Is this ISIS’ youngest foreign jihadist? Shocking picture emerges of Belgian boy, 13, brandishing a gun thought to have joined 5,000-strong army of European teens in Syria 

Is this ISIS' youngest fanatic? Younes Abaaoud, 13, from Belgium, has fled his home to fight in Syria

Is this ISIS’ youngest fanatic? Younes Abaaoud, 13, from Belgium, has fled his home to fight in Syria

  • Pictures of Younes Abaaoud from Brussels has caused shock and dismay 
  • Schoolboy is seen posing with various guns having fled Brussels this year
  • 13-year-old has followed his brother to fight for ISIS in Syria 
  • An estimated 5,000 teenagers with EU passports are believed to be fighting 
  • Girls, 15 and 17, arrested in France for allegedly trying to flee to Syria 


Clutching an AK-47 and pointing to the sky, this 13-year-old schoolboy is believed to be ISIS’ youngest jihadist and has joined a 5,000-strong army of European teenagers in Syria.

Younes Abaaoud, from Belgium, followed his older brother to the front line and is believed be among dozens of child-fighters in the war zone from Europe.

A series of images of the schoolboy posing with various weapons came weeks after the seven-year-old son of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf was pictured in Syria holding a decapitated head.

Brussels-born Younes is said to have travelled to Syria with his brother Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, earlier this year.

Belgium’s media has claimed they are the sons of Omar, a Moroccan shopkeeper who moved to the European country around 40 years ago.

The picture is one of several of Younes to surface online in weeks.

Another image shows the youngster in a similar pose, with a gun in hand and finger pointed upwards.

Younes Abaaoud’s identity has been tweeted by Shiraz Maher, an academic and senior fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College, London.

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