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It’s not a coincidence that just after his recent trip to Russia, where the Finnish president had one to one chats with Russian thug, Vladimir Putin, Finland is now interested in re-evaluating its dual citizenship policies.

I stated a while ago, concerning the Ukraine conflict with Russia, that the Finns will become worried once Russia makes subtle moves in trying to engage and energize the Russian population in Finland. They recently floated an idea for a Russian state radio news station in Finland, something of which the government poured cold water on.

NOTE: It’s just one more way to gin up the minority to pursue ”their rights”, for language recognition and other perceived ”slights”.

President: It was me who ordered dual-citizenship rethink

The Interior Ministry announced on Thursday it will begin exploring the possibility of tightening citizenship eligibility criteria or outlawing dual nationality altogether, following a surge in the number of Russians being granted Finnish citizenship.

Sauli Niinistö.
President Niinistö is said to be concerned about potential problems arising from the sharp rise in successful citizenship applications. Image: Yle

President Niinistö has claimed responsibility for commissioning the Interior Ministry to conduct an “information-gathering exercise” over the possibilities of tightening Finland’s citizenship criteria, or ending the practice altogether.

On Thursday Päivi Räsänen, the interior minister, told Yle that her officials are investigating whether the government should introduce new restrictions on who is allowed to acquire Finnish citizenship. The move is understood to be linked to a sharp rise in the number of Russians granted citizenship in Finland in recent years.

”I want to map out what the situation is and what the practical implications would be if this legislation was overturned,” Räsänen said.

However following Räsänen’s announcement, President Niinistö came forward to say that he in fact made the initial call to re-examine the system of citizenship. It is believed that possible problems regarding dual citizenship were flagged up by parliament’s Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, which Niinistö chairs.

“I have asked for an investigation into the awarding of dual citizenship, and a comparison with other countries. This does not mean that I am immediately looking to begin a debate over this issue,” Niinistö said.

The government has also been following developments within Russia regarding the monitoring of citizens with dual nationality. New rules introduced by the Kremlin make it obligatory for Russians holding dual citizenship to register with the immigration authorities. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine or community service.

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