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Finnair decides not to suspend flights to Tel Aviv

Finnair, Finland’s state airline, decided not to suspend its flights to Tel Aviv, Israel on Friday afternoon. The next flight connecting Helsinki and Tel Aviv is scheduled for Monday. The situation will be re-evaluated again at that time, says Finnair.

Lentokone nousee ilmaan.
Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

The airline Finnair has decided to go ahead with its flight this evening from Helsinki to Tel Aviv.

The company made the decision on Friday afternoon, reports its communications officer Manti Väätäinen-Pereira.

The militant Palestinian organisation Hamas issued a warning the other day advising international airlines to avoid flying to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

“We have made an exploratory analysis of the various sources of information, a very comprehensive analysis in fact. No other airlines have cancelled their flights and we have not received any official recommendations from Eurocontrol,” says Väätäinen-Pereira.

“Authorities are monitoring the situation with exceptional precision.”

Finnair flies round trip between Helsinki and Tel Aviv twice a week. The next scheduled flight falls on Monday.

Väätäinen-Pereira says an extension or suspension will be considered again then.

Finland’s leading tour operator Aurinkomatkat announced on Thursday that it was cancelling all of its package tours to Israel from October 2014 to March of next year. The company cited the precarious security situation as the rationale behind the decision.


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