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Infusion of islam and modern education, at the expense of modern education.

So by default the imam admits that Islamic education is 7th century based.


Scandinavia Gets 1st Islamic Theology School

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00

Mina Hindholm Imam Khatib school will take on students aged 18 and up from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

ISTANBUL – Turkey’s renowned Islamic Imam Hatip schools, also referred to as Imam Khatib, hasve opened a new branch in the Danish city of Slagelse, offering Scandinavian countries the first-ever Islamic theology school.

The school will accept students from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, World Bulletin reported on Monday, August 18.

Students will be offered the national curriculum along with Turkish and Islamic lessons in the fields of Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic creed.

Boarding school head Ahmet Deniz told Anadolu Agency said that Mina Hindholm will be Denmark’s first official Islamic school for students aged 18 and up.

The school, which is Europe’s second Imam Khatib after the one in Belgium, already has 52 students.

The Turkish model of Imam Hatip schools is fusion of Islamic and modern education as it contains as much arts and science classes as normal high schools do.

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