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This is what happens when virtue in public office is dead.

A drunken and crazed District Attorney deemed (correctly) not fit for public office, gets backing from her Democrat pals and launches a charge against the Texas state governor for holding her accountable for her miserable actions. Look at this video from Breitbart, would you want her in public office?


AUSTIN, Texas — A grand jury indicted Governor Rick Perry Friday for his attempts to remove Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg from office after she was arrested for driving while intoxicated last year in a case that made national headlines.

In April 2013, Lehmberg was arrested after a witness called 911, describing her as driving erratically, swerving back and forth into the bike lane, and into oncoming traffic. Officers at the scene reportedly found an open bottle of vodka in her car, and a blood sample obtained later that evening purportedly showed a blood alcohol level of 0.239—almost three times the legal limit—even that many hours later.

Not only did her arrest attracted headlines, but her belligerent behavior after she was brought to the police station—all captured on video tape—drew attention, as well. Lehmberg is seen blaming the police for destroying her political career, yelling and insulting them; demanding that they call Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton; sticking out her tongue; making faces; kicking at the door to her cell; and eventually getting restrained with leg irons, being strapped to a chair and wearing what is commonly referred to as a “spit mask,” which is usually used when a detainee is spitting or biting. To be fair, the video does not expressly show that happening, and Lehmberg’s defense attorney later claimed that the mask was used to “protect her identity.”

More here.

UPDATE: Weasel Zippers, via Huck Funn has the video of her sobriety test and eventual arrest through the courtesy of a police video cam. They actually gave her more chances than most to complete the test, no doubt, because who she is, after dozens of failed attempts they had to arrest her, it would have been criminal negligence to let her go.

4 Responses

  1. Typical Leftist, telling lies, completely in denial and unable to take any responsibility for her actions.
    Er…..a bit like a Muslim really.

  2. That clip is a metaphor for the sad and pathetic picture of someone who thinks they are somehow better than the average joe because they occupy some sort of political position that they consider entitles them to be treated differently to everyone else.

    It’s the: “Don’t you know who I am?” sydrome.

    The underlying message is: I am a superior person – a district attorney – and as such, I am a superior being. So . . . . : How dare you treat me like anyone else?

    And . . you will pay for your behaviour in treating me like anyone else!

    Notice how many time she ‘reminded’ the police officers of her lofty status and how consistently polite and forebearing the police offers were – credit to them.

  3. Correction:
    And how consistently polite and forebearing the police officers were toward her.

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