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Knocks it out of the park.

TINSC: ”In a world void of anti-Semitism, the war against Israel (WAR) could not exist.”

Breitbart: On Friday, an anonymous UCLA student sent Shapiro a note informing him that his speech had caused the resolution to be defeated, as someone he knew who was on the voting board confessed it was Shapiro’s speech that insured he would vote against the resolution.

Had the student voted for the resolution, it would have been a tie vote.

The text of the note follows:

Hi Mr. Shapiro,

I really hope you get this email because this will bring a smile to your face. Yesterday night the Bruins Against BDS group got together to celebrate divestment not passing at UCLA, and among the students that were there, 6 of the 7 council members who voted against it came as well, and 1 of them said something very interesting that I thought you should hear. He said, “I walked in to the meeting against it, but during the meeting I wavered a little bit, but then Ben Shapiro made his public comment and I KNEW I had to vote against it. In those 2 minutes he completely swayed me against it and I’ve watched the video of his public comment like 10 times today and told all my friends that HE is the reason I voted against this. He summarized it all so perfectly and I knew that if I was a drop in the bucket to help the BDS movement I could never live with myself.”

H/T: Finland stands with Israel

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