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This article explains everything that I have been saying for ages, journalists who have been in the Hamas and PA administrated areas, know this goes on, yet remain mute on these incidents. In Finland none of the various (fake) media journalists who have moved in these areas have ever (to my knowledge) published a detailed article on it, nor do they dare to, they run the risk of not being allowed into Gaza or P.A. areas, as well as it casts a rather long shadow on their chosen side.

NOTE: It’s why they would never run a story like this: Gazans must get rid of Hamas

Mark Lavie: ”A reporter for a European news outlet told a friend that he saw Hamas gunmen firing rockets from outside his hotel, but he didn’t take pictures, certain that if he had, they would have killed him. He told the tale only after he was safely out of Gaza. Apparently his news outlet did not have a permanent local stringer there, or he would not have been able to speak even from the relative safety of Tel Aviv without endangering his stringer.”

Why Everything Reported from Gaza is Crazy Twisted

Mark Lavie

Veteran reporter for AP, NPR, NBC, and CBC, and author of Broken Spring: An American-Israeli Reporter’s Close-Up View of How Egyptians Lost Their Struggle for Freedom

The images coming out of the Gaza Strip are heart-wrenching. They are also part of a deliberate and sophisticated distortion machine. A veteran journalist takes us inside.

You’re seeing civilians dying and suffering in Gaza. You’re seeing the destruction Israel’s military operation against Hamas has caused.

You’re hearing from Israel that Hamas is firing rockets from crowded neighborhoods, using helpless Gaza civilians as human shields, forcing them to stay in their neighborhoods in defiance of Israeli warnings to leave.

Why aren’t you hearing that from Gaza? Often, it’s because reporters are afraid to tell you.

True, in some cases, it’s anti-Israel bias. In others, it’s bad journalism—covering the story you can easily see above ground, like destruction, misery, death and funerals, instead of digging for the real story: Why this is happening and how the powerful are operating behind the scenes or underground—again, literally. It’s the scourge of 21st century “journalism,” with its instant deadlines, the demands to tweet and blog constantly, the need to get something out there that’s more spectacular than the competition, and check the facts later, if at all. Add to that the cruel cutbacks by news organizations around the world. It all means that fewer and fewer reporters have to file more and more stories, and file partial reports while they’re working. It’s impossible. I allow myself the quotation marks around “journalism” because I’ve been a journalist for half a century (I started young), covering the region since 1972, and I fear my profession is not what it used to be, and not for the better.

So those elements are parts of the reason why you’re not getting the whole story from Gaza. But the most important element is intimidation of reporters on the ground.

It’s nothing new. I’ve experienced it for decades. Autocratic regimes threaten, attack and jail reporters who write anything critical of those in power. Other reporters get the message and just don’t do it.

Bringing this element of the Gaza situation to light entails some real dangers. It’s a saga that can’t be told directly in detail. If it is, and if specific reporters can be identified here, people will be harmed. Not just the reporters, but their families, too. But if this isn’t told, you’ll be harmed. You won’t know why you don’t get the whole story.

More here.

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  1. Reminds me of Winston Churchill’s observation:

    “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

    Except that in Gaza the truth seems too difficult a thing to report, and (to extend the metaphor a little), just can’t seem to get its pants on at all.

    Reporting the facts should not be such a difficult thing to do, except that in Gaza good and accurate reporting is impossible.

    Who would choose such a job as a career?.

    Churchill also said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    So Israel just has to dig in its heels and keep going until Hamas is nothing more than a dreadful memory.

  2. RTs harry fear . dhimmi hamas lover been in gaza for years ,kicked out 2 weeks ago after saying rockets fired from next to his hotel , now in Jerusalem

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