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Christians in Germany feel hatred 

Along with the refugees come the conflicts of the countries they fled. Asylum seeking Christians from the Arab world are also exposed in Germany to attacks by radical Muslims.

From Ulrich Clauss and Marcel Leubecher

In Iraq, there are currently 30,000 Christians fleeing. But these are only those which are currently in the main news. Worldwide suffering estimates by humanitarian organization Open Doors is around 100 million Christians under persecution. The organization World Watch List 2014,  has particularly strict Islamic countries such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan among the ten states with the worst persecution of Christians.

For many, this persecution does not end even if they arrive as asylum seekers in Germany. Because with the persecuted are also extremists coming to Europe, to Germany – sometimes even in the same asylum accommodation.

So it was, for example, when Leyla S. * Her Christian faith compelled in her mid-thirties in Iran to a dangerous game of hiding. Bad enough that her Shiite family knew about it and distanced themselves. […] She hid her flaws and fled the Islamic state with the help of some people more than three years ago to Germany.

The communal kitchen was off limits to Christians

But in the Hessian refugee camp, in which the young woman found refuge with her husband and their daughter, the exclusion continued. About 20 of the approximately hundred other refugees cursed the family from the beginning again and again as “infidels” and “dirty dogs” and banned Leyla p in the two kitchens to cook her family meals.

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