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All too typical for the lying Islamopropagandists fooling the public.

If you listen to this lying sad sack, Islamopropagandandist, you would think that his perfect role model, Mohamed, told jokes and tickled his victims into capitulation, instead of lobbing off the heads of the males, raping their womenfolk as well as sending them and their children into a lifetime of slavery and forced conversions.

NOTE: He makes it clear he’s speaking for himself, not for the Muslim (Muslim Brotherhood?) organizations he represents. And we’re supposed to believe this lying lard butt that he’ll ensure returning jihadis won’t commit violent acts in Finland?

Imam Anas Hajjar: the Islamic caliphate violates the rules

At least 40 Finnish Muslims have left for Syria. Some have gone to do humanitarian work, but it is not known how many people have chosen to fight on behalf of the ISIS-organization caliphate.

Anas Hajjar.
Islamic Society of Finland Imam Anas Hajjar. Image: Yle

Islamic Society of Finland Imam, Anas Hajjar, is of the opinion that the impressive terrorist organization named “Islamic state” of Syria and Iraq, is acting against the rules of Islam.

– I can see some of the decisions, some of the acts that really are puzzling. Forcing of others into another’s religion, the killing of civilians, the expulsion and so on. – – There’s been a lot of things that will raise many question marks: who is behind this and who are supporting these activities ?, Hajjar asks.

The Syrian born Hajjar leads the Islamic Council Society, which is a  Finnish Muslim umbrella organization. The Community mosque is located on Helsinki’s Lönnrotinkatu.

The community has no official position in the past on ISIS known as the “Islamic state” and its proclamation of the caliphate, nor of the civil war in Syria. Hajjar highlights that he’s speaking as a private person.

– The debate is still ongoing on this topic. However, what we have seen so far (ISIS-organization) behavior, there are so many things that work against the rules of Islam, Hajjar says.

Hajjar says he heard that  nearly 40 Finnish Muslims had gone to Syria. Some of them have gone to do humanitarian work amongst those oppose the Bashar al-Assad’s regime.  Hajjar has no information on how many of those leaving the country have decided to fight on behalf of the caliphate.

– The problem is, it is not known where they are going. It may be that someone goes to relief work. – – But if someone is going to deliberately fight, he might fall into the wrong hands. He thinks he is doing good, but has to fight against civilians, or to do some kind of horror. – – It’s dangerous to go there.

Young people have been warned

Hajjar says that mosques in Finland have warned young people from leaving to the Syrian war. However, he has heard of recruiters, who is attract, particularly marginalized young people to go into battle.

– I do not have anything brought to my attention that this has taken place inside mosques, but rather outside on the street there are some trying to recruit people.

According to Hajjar, the Islamic community is in constant contact with the Finnish Security Police to ensure that those returning from the Syrian war would not take up violence here.

– We always have conversations with the police. When the need arises, we will sit with them, and keep counsel, says Islamic Society of Finland Imam Anas Hajjar.


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