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Childish public temper tantrum


What a loathsome crowd of underachieving, sanctimonious, hypocritical morons. All the evil going on in the world today, and they pull this crap. At least demonstrate against Islamonazis for crying out loud! Here’s what philosopher Ayn Rand had to say about those who violate public spaces:

Civil disobedience may be justifiable, in some cases, when and if an individual disobeys a law in order to bring an issue to court, as a test case. Such an action involves respect for legality and a protest directed only at a particular law which the individual seeks an opportunity to prove to be unjust. The same is true of a group of individuals when and if the risks involved are their own.
But there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.
The forcible occupation of another man’s property or the obstruction of a public thoroughfare is so blatant a violation of rights that an attempt to justify it becomes an abrogation of morality. An individual has no right to do a “sit-in” in the home or office of a person he disagrees with—and he does not acquire such a right by joining a gang. Rights are not a matter of numbers—and there can be no such thing, in law or in morality, as actions forbidden to an individual, but permitted to a mob.
The only power of a mob, as against an individual, is greater muscular strength—i.e., plain, brute physical force. The attempt to solve social problems by means of physical force is what a civilized society is established to prevent. The advocates of mass civil disobedience admit that their purpose is intimidation. A society that tolerates intimidation as a means of settling disputes—the physicalintimidation of some men or groups by others—loses its moral right to exist as a social system, and its collapse does not take long to follow.
Politically, mass civil disobedience is appropriate only as a prelude to civil war—as the declaration of a total break with a country’s political institutions.
“The Cashing-In: The Student ‘Rebellion,’”

Punk event blocks street in Helsinki centre

The “Katu on Punk” gathering, an occupy-the-streets type of event, barricaded parts of Arkadiankatu near the Parliament Building in central Helsinki Saturday afternoon, blocking traffic. The Transport Agency reported that police are redirected traffic, as motorists were faced with delays.

Kadunvaltaustapahtuma sulki kadun Helsingin keskustassa 9. elokuuta 2014.
The anarchist event closed parts of the city centre to traffic on August 9. Image: Marcus Ziemann / Yle

More here on these whining punks and anarchists.

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