And everyone else who isn’t a sunni male with a beziba on his forehead.

You know it’s got to be bad when a Yazidi asks for his family to be placed with the Paleostinians.

Yazidi Man in Israel Suggests Resettlement in Gaza, West Bank


Long before the Yazidi were in the news, Jews and Christians had been workingtogether to help some families.

Abu Wisam came to Israel in June to seek medical care for his baby son, Wisam. A Kurdish NGO connected him with the Jerusalem-based Christian NGO Shevet Achim, which brought him to Israel and provided him and his son a place to live

It didn’t take long before Abu Wisam was won over by the country. “In the hospital, how people act, it doesn’t matter what religion you are; people here have freedom, the Jews give freedom.”

Like most Israelis this summer, Abu Wisam had to run to shelters when Hamas rockets flew overhead. “Thank God, the missiles fell far from here,” he said. “This is nothing compared to Iraq…I’ve been bombed many times.”

Back home things were getting quite ugly.

Abu Wisam did speak on Thursday with his brother in Germany, who has been in recent contact with the family members on Mt. Sinjar. Abu Wisam heard from him that their brother on the mountain was going to venture down to try to buy food. The mission is much more dangerous than it might sound. Two boys who on Wednesday tried to return to Sinjar to procure food were caught by IS and decapitated, Abu Wisam said.

“They can die from hunger, or they can die when they go down to try to find food.”

His brother told him that hundreds of Yazidi men were killed and hundreds of girls were raped. “Two hundred fifty men were killed while IS men stood around holding a flag that says, ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Abu Wisam’s fears are growing as reports begin to surface of children succumbing to the heat on top of the mountain.

“I ask, in my name, and in the name of the Yazidis, that Israel and Europe help us against the Islamic State,” he pleaded. “I ask that the State of Israel protect us from the Islamists, tens of thousands of people, my family alone is 20 people. Put it on Facebook, put it on YouTube.”

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