Unspeakable evil.

This is exactly what Mohamed expected from his followers after making the hijra to Medina (Yathrib, the former Jewish city)

Lined up and executed, their severed heads put on display as a warning to others: Horrific new photographs of ISIS atrocities

Crimes against humanity: The captives are then lined up and ordered to kneel down on the dusty ground

Barbaric: Around 20 ISIS fighters stand behind the line of men and the squad of jihadists begin to murder the prisoners

By David Williams and Tania Steere 15:44 08 Aug 2014, updated 22:00 08 Aug 2014

Sunni tribesmen marched into desert, made to kneel and shot in the head
Tribe made deal with ISIS to be left alone but agreement collapsed
Shocking close-up photos of splattered brains and severed heads released.

    ‘Punishment for those who fight Allah and his Messenger is to crucify or cut off hands and feet’

Up to 500 prisoners from the minority Yazidi faith are said to have been killed by ‘death squads’ of jihadi gunmen in recent days.

Some 40 Yazidi children are reported to be among the dead, after being driven from their homes by the brutal Islamist militant offensive in northern Iraq.

Chilling images of the victims have now emerged, some released by the group’s expertly managed propaganda machine.

Prisoners: Members of the Sunni Shaitat tribe are rounded up and marched to their deaths in Syria by fighters from ISIS in a series of horrific images posted online by the jihadist group

Ruthless: Bent double and barefooted, with their hands are bound behind their backs with rope, the prisoners are marched to the execution site in the desert near Deir ez Zor in Syra

Advancing Islamic State fighters have filmed themselves massacring prisoners, some of whom have been crucified or beheaded. Pictures show armed fighters, appearing to laugh over slumped bodies of dead civilians, who had been lined up and shot in the head and back.

Some images, posted online, show militants posing next to dead Yazidi men.

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Sick: A jihadist appears to be smiling as he holds a terrified man by his hair and begins to slice through his neck with a hunting knife

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  1. The extreme evil of ISIS receives support by some readers of the Daily Mail.
    If this is the psychopathic attitude of local Muslims , it’s time to root them out as potential local murderous head cases!

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