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Islam 101

This is exactly how Mohamed and his warriors behaved in the seventh century. The only difference between then and now, is that his followers (basic Islam 101’ers) are moving around on mechanized vehicles with modern day weaponry. Oh, but they still use knives for cutting off heads.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

Islamic State Traps over 100 Christians and Yazidis, Slaughters Men, Sells Women and Children as Sex Slaves

VIE Exclusive: Last Monday, the Islamic State, which recently declared itself the new “caliphate” of the Islamic world, trapped a number of Christian and Yazidi families in an airport, butchered all the men, and took the women and children to be sold as slaves, including for sex. (Photo:

The Yazidis are a Kurdish ethno-religious community, representing an ancient religion associated with Zoroastrianism.  As such, both they and the Christian communities are seen as free game by the Islamic caliphate.  Both communities have been in Iraq centuries before the coming of Islam.

Muhammad Khuzai, the Assistant Secretary General of the Red Crescent in Iraq, called the incident a “crime against humanity” in a press statement, adding that “Elements from DAASH [Islamic State] detained over 100 families in the Tal Afar airport, slaughtering all the men among them, and keeping the women and children…  They took the Christian and Yazidi women and children to an unknown place, in order to sell them as enemy slaves.”

Source, H/T  Raymond Ibrahim

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