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TT Exclusive: Helsingin Sanomat now a participant in hostilities against the Jewish state. The HS refuses to publish ANY article by the embassy in response to its reporting.

More media rejection of the Jews:


After a series highly one sided articles, as well as  today’s editorial, that have been decisively one sided, I was informed through back channel sources that the Israeli embassy approached the editor of the foreign news department, to ask for a chance to respond to the mistakes in their reporting on Israel and its operation inside Gaza.

After having been suspicious over the initial excuses given, I am told that the embassy asked for a straight forward response from the paper concerning a meeting proposed by Ambassador Ashbel between the Chief Editor and himself, as well as some op-ed space. Instead, the ambassador received a curt, over the top response from the paper’s Chief Editor: ”We’re not interested”.

Here is the official word from the Israeli Embassy to Finland:

Following the editorial in Today’s Helsingin Sanomat, which was unfavorable towards Israel, Ambassador Dan Ashbel contacted the editor who is in charge of the foreign news at the moment and offered to publish an article by him in the newspaper. 

After speaking with the chief editor, the foreign news editor informed the ambassador that “Helsingin Sanomat is not interested”…

Here is the factually challenged, one sided editorial published by the HS 6.8.2014 

Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not resolved by waging war in Gaza

06.08.2014 24:53 5


The hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas have this time have gone on for more than a month before, for the moment, a promising ceasefire began. At the beginning of the rocket and mortar fire nationalist Israeli politicians called for a military operation in the Gaza Strip, which would crush Hamas once and for all. A bit more clear thinking Israeli politicians and soldiers knew that it was not a realistic goal.

The previous extensive bombing attacks in Gaza has only been a couple of years and the previous ground military operations over four years ago. They too had to be lump-operations to destroy Hamas. The present development continues along the same goal.

Israeli leadership considered a reaction in the beginning of July, when the three young Israelis were abducted and murdered, even the Hamas leadership in Gaza mulled a Palestinian revenge attack for the murder of a young man shot and burnt by Israelis. Runaway situation, finally became a full-fledged rocket and bombing war, the Israeli army attack on Gaza tells of the deadlock hatred, but also the weaknesses of the leaders of both sides.

At the beginning negotiations could have been possible, and both ultimately a better solution. It would have been spared up to about 1 900 lives.

With the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and the cessation of launchings, one can look at the consequences for both Israel and Palestine.

The bombardment and the destruction of Gaza tunnels has weakened Hamas militarily, but is unlikely to prevent the construction of military power again. For Hamas, the real problem is the deterioration of aid from Arab countries and Iran, which could be seen in their passivity during the bombardment. Now, Hamas’ position as Israel’s victim, however, is again strengthened, which was probably one of its objectives.

Israel’s military superiority did not surprise anyone. Failure to respect international reactions to the amount of civilian victims wasn’t new, but the Israeli defiance of international reactions were more pronounced.

Militarily, Israel needs only the support of the United States, but economically, it needs Europe and many other countries. On this, Israel faces great consternation for the bombings of UN Gaza schools and in many situations to come.


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  1. Perfectly fair and correct article. The Israeli position is neither fair nor correct. I’m Jewish-Israeli, so I know what I’m talking about …

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