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Just in, and Vlad put a lot of time in this project. Stop by his place and let him know that you care.

The festering animus discharging from Montreal mosques

Yesterday, the fine people at Pointdebascule put me on to a Radio Canada (French CBC) 2006 documentary about islam and its organizations and activities in Quebec.

This is one stunning piece of work. The entire thing is just over an hour long and it will take a lot of time and hard work by volunteers to get it all done, if we manage to get it all done. But the people at PDB and I managed to put together at least a few minutes of one segment of it now.

While the broadcast date was September 2006, aspects of it are topical again as this was made in the wake of a previous kinetic war with Israel. But if islam was this virulent in 2006 imagine how pestilent it must be by now.

At the end, I added a short clip of the leader of Canada’s Liberal party in 2013 in Calgary specifically referring to the mosque in the clip as a place he is proud to visit, along with other “Wahhabi mosques”

Those familiar with downloading YT clips may want to grab this one.

This mosque has the capacity for over 3000 people, and is one of Canada’s oldest mosques.

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