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‘Rocket Girl’ is conflicted and biased, so she’s useless as a journalist

AISHI ZIDANThis is the Arab journalist working for the Finnish Newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, Aishi Zidan, who admitted in a recent broadcast that rockets were being fired from the grounds at Shifa hospital in Gaza City into Israel, then lamented that her words (first reported by the Tundra Tabloids) were being factually quoted by the pro-Israel blogosphere for ‘propaganda purposes‘.


She has now revealed in a FB post that she has in fact fled in fear from these very same rockets, to bomb shelters while in Israel, as well as telling of her cousin being arrested by the IDF.


My 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the morning. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home.
After this week, I went to the South of Israel, I understood very well why the rocket attacks scare the locals. I myself ran scared for cover.

From Legal Insurrection:

The anger may reflect that one of her cousins, according to her, was arrested by Israeli authorities (Facebook translation):


Finnish reporter al-Shifa hospital rocket fire Facebook entry cousin arrested

Legal Insurrection: This is what we are up against when it comes to media reporting. All we want are the facts to come out about what Hamas has done, how it has used human shields, and how you cannot understand the situation without those facts.
Even the few reporters who report these facts end up deleting tweets, pulling down columns, and now, complaining that facts are used for propaganda.

Here is the full Facebook entry by Aishi Zidan, with my fisking of it.

Today I cried in the bathroom at work. Actually I wanted to scream. My father called soon after the morning meeting and told the summer vacation news in the West Bank. My 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the morning. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home. They had commanded my uncle, his wife and my cousin into one room, confiscating phones from them. Then they took Zidan. His 10-year-old little sister, Leka, the world’s sunniest child, was terrified. “Do not worry about me,” Zidan was quoted as saying.

[TT: So the Helsingin Sanomat has hired this news correspondent to report on the conflict, who has had a family member arrested by the IDF. Rose colored glasses anyone?]


It’s hard. I wondered what condition Zidan is in. Is he ill-treated? Is he frightened? We do not know where he has been or why he was arrested. According to my father, he has spent every evening  setting up a coffee shop to be run by my cousins. My family is not Hamas supporters, in their home on the roof of their house flies a Fatah flag that has denounced violence. I am afraid how my cousin will return. He has always been a quiet and reflective man, a little quiet. Zidan has always been a favorite among all the young children. His latest fan is my 7-year-old little brother, who announced earlier this week he wanted to smoke a hookah in cafes and roam around as Zidan.


[TT: She already assumes that it’s possible that Zidan will be mistreated by the IDF, and that Fatah has actually renounced violence. We already see by the second paragraph her real views, they’re anti-Israel.]


I am in spirit and in blood a pacifist. I may be naive, but my dream is that Palestinians and Israelis can learn to live in peace together. To establish, perhaps even a common, equal state. Would go to marry each other, begin businesses. I use a tremendous amount of energy in my work that I would understand both perspectives. After this week, I went to the South of Israel, I understood very well why the rocket attacks scare the locals. I myself ran scared for cover.


[TT: Here is another startling admittance by Aishi, she too has ran for cover from rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. But also interesting, while Aishi says she understands Israeli fears, at the same time however, she denounces the Jewish state, (she really does reject Jewish self determination) the very state meant to be a refuge for Jews that has been fighting for its existence since its birth against rejectionist genocidal Arab/Muslims.]


But I do not understand how innocent people in detention and the killing of hundreds of civilians brings Israel’s security. Hamas is weakened perhaps momentarily in Gaza, but at the same time, there will be again created a huge amount angry people who have lost hope lost. The desperate situation gives rise to desperate measures. And the Palestinians are in a desperate situation. The matters with my cousin Zidan can very likely be well compared to the Gazans.


[TT: Here she reveals an all too prevalent mindset found in many foreign ministries of Europe, ”if only Israel would stop defending itself, and do whatever the Europeans tell it, then the situation would be normalized.” Facts are stubborn things, and Israel has had to learn the hard way, and that means learning from past mistakes, hence the rejection of returning to past failed ‘peace’ formulas.


Hamas, is what Hamas is, (and Fatah as well), they cannot reject the Islamic dictates that by default, nullify non-Islamic political entities, a Jewish state of Israel, and a Christian state of Lebanon. The anger of these people is directed more towards the existence of the former (the latter is now dead and gone) than in any major setback handed to them by the IDF.]


The only thing that will bring security to both the Palestinians and the Israelis is confidence and peace. That cannot be achieved by grinding the other side into the ground, so that it will no longer see any hope.


[TT: The big difference Ashi is, Israel has already tried, repeatedly, to seek peace, through many different (failed) proposals and agreements by many different government, but as long as your people refuse to exist next to a Jewish state (yourself included) peace will never be achieved.]


Here is the video of ‘Rocket Girl’ admitting about rockets being fired from hospital grounds


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