Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Anti-Israel Protests



Same anti-US/Israel mindset, it’s just that they now wear a keffiyeh.

vietnam protest

These protesters, in the U.S. and abroad throughout the West, should be viewed in light of the Cold War period, when the Soviet’s bankrolled, supported and even directed many demonstrations against the US war effort in Vietnam and missile deployments in various places within the European continent. The only difference now is that it’s Arab states flush with cash and friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood (Qatar for example, and Arab states which can’t help but to foment hatred of the Jews whenever possible), in conjunction with generally widespread phenomenon of traditional Jew hatred.

Thousands in Washington protest against war in Gaza and US support for Israel

08/03/2014 10:04

Demonstrators carry signs bearing slogans “Stop Genocide,” and “Free Gaza,”; call on Obama to end military aid to Israel.

Thousands of people attended a demonstration outside the White House in Washington DC on Saturday to protest against US support for Israel and call for an end to military action in the Gaza strip.

Demonstrators, who carried Palestinian flags and chanted “Free, free Palestine” while holding up signs bearing slogans including “Stop Genocide” and “Free Gaza”, called on the administration of US President Barack Obama to end military aid for Israel.

“They just feed them money, that’s all they do. Feed Israel money, feed Israel weapons, and nothing happens, I mean, and they won’t stop it. They are bombing Palestinians and they are killing them and they still don’t want stop funding a war,” said one protester.

“It’s completely one-sided, and you’ve got to understand that the Israelis, they have a lobby that’s the most powerful lobby in the world, and that’s what keeps the politicians in business here,” said another.

Crowds swelled after the protest moved into downtown areas of the city. One of the demonstrators called for the United States to review its relationship with Israel.

2 Responses

  1. The non-thinking class of Americans or perhaps propagandaists for Palestine and islam? They make a habit (the keffiyeh is a kind of habit – bad pun, sorry) and purposeful denial of facts no matter what evidence you place in front of them. This iron clad willingness to avoid truth at any cost and to blame the other side regardless is simply cheerleading, but is also designed to obfuscate, re-direct, and blame shift. It is the hallmark of a criminal mindset. A mindset caused either by bad DNA or brainwashing for it is distinctly not based on reality and is, in part, how criminals process their world. These small minority groups do not speak for our nation regardless of what actions our dysfunctional so-called government takes.

  2. The Islamic government of the UK already is looking into boycotting selling arms to Israel. It’s all part of the ongoing success in spreading the worldwide caliphate, and would never be possible without the wholehearted efforts of the representatives of the British public.

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