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Gee, what was she ‘reporting’ from, a hospital by chance?

And of course, embedding herself in with the Islamonazis, makes her a possible side casuality if the IDF tries to take out that launcher she placed herself next to. And of course the world would be howling mad, baying for ‘Jew blood’ over her injuries or death.

A reporter inside the Gaza Strip has her live broadcast interrupted without warning when Hamas launches a rocket close-by.

A reporter in the Gaza Strip had her live broadcast interrupted when a rocket launched by Hamas whistled by over her head, startling her.

The launch site was in such close proximity that the area was immediately lit up by the launching.

Speaking in Arabic, the reporter informs her audience about the civilian casualties and even mentions the dangers posed to journalists before the very area she was reporting was thrust into the war-zone.

The extensive use of civilian areas and infrastructure has posed a continuing challenge to the IDF, which must respond to enemy fire from these areas.

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