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Still disgusting……


 Local UK council town hall flies the Palestinian flag before it didn’t then after it did while apologizing for the misunderstanding.

(This is an important story because of the way in which they, the city council, deceived the non-muslim residents they failed to represent, but also because of how the leftists and muslims colluded to force the town council to take sides.

H/T: Vlad Tepes


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  1. I don’t like the BNP, however, I do understand why it’s come about and everything this gentleman has spoken is true.

    Yes, the lives of Christians and Jews are worth nothing to our ruling classes. I remember when Nigel Farage said we ought to take in Christian refugees at the beginning of the Syrian war, as Christians were the 1st to be targeted, he was slammed down and accused of making this into a religious war. It wasn’t Nigel Farage making it into a religious war, it was the Muslims of ISIS and those siding with them that were making it a religious war…..as that is what it is – the thrust of the argument was ignored ie Christians were literally running for their lives and nothing was done – well, measure for measure; that’s all going to happen here (UK/EU) in our children’s time because we will be the minority in our own countries, and no matter how much our local councils curry favour to the Islamic population, their intent is to have sharia, (even the mild mannered Muslim won’t object) and ignore the indigenous traditions……the ruling classes are truly stupid.

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