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And the Finnish (international media) lap it up like a dog to its own vomit.

That the media continue to believe and disseminate lies from Arab sources (which have over the years, repeatedly been proven to be credibility challenge, propaganda dispensers) is the main story here.

James Delingpole at BreitbartHowever as Thomas Wictor has incontrovertibly demonstrated using close analysis of film footage of the incident, the deaths were not caused by Israeli shrapnel but by secondary explosions from a vast cache of Hamas rockets. Oh, and the market wasn’t ‘crowded’ either: it had been closed for the day.


July 31, 2014 by Thomas Wictor

I decided to not wait until the Israel Defense Forces released an official statement about what happened in the Shijaiyah neighborhood of Gaza City on July 30, 2014. You’ll see for yourself that the self-inflicted massacre at Shijaiyah should never have happened. Hamas is entirely to blame.

Every news outlet on the planet is calling this “an air strike on a crowded/busy market street” and a deliberate followup attack on the ambulances that came to help. Both accusations are entirely bogus.

A short, low-quality video shows the first “strike.”

The photojournalist in the blue helmet is a twenty-three-year-old Palestinian man named Rani Rayan. He was one of the seventeen killed. Initially it looks as though a bomb or missile hit, but that isn’t the case.

This longer video shows the mayhem. There are some fairly gruesome scenes, as well as the sounds of fourteen explosions.

At 3:54 in that video, a bearded man goes into a long diatribe over the body of Rani Rayan. I could make out the word “Amriki,” so he’s blaming the US.

The state of reporting from Gaza is so abysmal due to the Hamas death threats against journalists that it took me hours to find out what had really happened. I pretty much knew, but I wanted to present ironclad corroborating evidence so that BagNews or Ali Gharib wouldn’t be able to dismiss this post as the mere ravings of a man who sees the ghost of his dead cat.

Just about every single news story says “The Israelis bombed a crowded market street in Shijaiyah” or “a busy market street in Shijaiyah” during a four-hour truce. Here’s a typical recounting of events.

‘Bloodbath’ as Gaza market hit by deadly strikes

Witnesses at the Shijaiyah market said a series of strikes hit at short intervals whilst people were shopping during the partial ceasefire announced by the Israeli military earlier today.

The military have not commented on the strikes.

The area next to a petrol station was hit and a fire engulfed the densely populated area near the market. Then more strikes hit the market directly, according to local reports.

It’s only after much, much, much searching that one finds three crucial details omitted from the overwhelming majority of the stories.

1. The four-hour humanitarian ceasefire did not include Shijaiyah because Hamas continued to fire rockets from there.

2. The open-air market was closed at the time, therefore the Palestinian assertion that it was crowded or busy with shoppers is a lie. Listen to the narrator at :30 in the video. You can see with your own eyes that this isn’t a crowded or busy market, nor were there 160 wounded.

More here. Via Breitbart

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