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Churches turning deaf ears to anti-Semitism, is an act of anti-Semitism itself.

Mainstream Christianity in Europe turning deaf ears towards Jews once again. One day the Netherlands will be overrun with the mohammedan, and then they’ll be the ones crying for sympathy from others as they wage war for their own survival.

NOTE: Truth be told, these are the same churches which fail to speak up about Christian persecution at the hands of Islamonazis.

Chief Rabbi Complains about Lack of Reactions of Churches agaisn Anti-Semitism

Chief rabbi Binyomin Jacobs regrets that the Dutch churches have not come out with a statement against the increased anti-Semitism in The Netherlands. A few days ago a stone was thrown through the window of Jacobs’ home.

He remarked that if Protestants had thrown a stone through the window of a bishop or a cardinal he would have been at the forefront of those who would condemn it. (The talkbacks on the website included several hateful remarks against the chief rabbi)


UTRECHT PROVINCE – Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs Amersfoort regrets that churches have taken no contention against growing anti-Semitism in the Netherlands. When Jacobs was earlier this month smashed with a pane of glass, according to him, because he has a Jewish background. He had therefore expects an official statement from other religious institutions.

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  1. Now comes the news that France has given indication that it will accept Iraqi Christians.

    The objective should not be to give asylum to Iraqi Christians, thus helping Islam to clear all Christians from Arabia, as Mohammed desired, but to create new states in the region for Christians only. Similarly for Shias, Sunnis, Kurd etc. Its already happening, except for Christians.

    Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the gulf states, were created by Britain awhile back.The old British demarcation of boundaries and states, is past its useful life. The entire region needs to have its borders redefined.

    We have the power if we want to – Shock and Awe II. If we ever had the courage to do so, it will gut Islam, and restore peace in the region as well.

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