Anti-Israel bigotry and bias



One of them is of course, Norwegian marxist nut-job, Mads Gilbert.



NOTE: TT reader and commenter, Dr.Ami Cammarella has the following to say about these immoral Islamonazi supporters:


Ami Cammarella shared Ynetnews’s photo.
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I am a physician who knows of course very well this famous medical journal and I say: shame on those doctors who wrote such a disgusting letter spitting on Israel and most of all shame on “the lancet ” .

By the way : these doctors with such a great heart , did they ever publish an open letter about the 140000 civilians killed in Syria ? Or the thousands of Christians persecuted , tortured and killed in Irak by the Islamists of ISIL ? The answer is easy to find : in these cases there are no Jews to blame .

We are actually facing a huge rising of antisemitism throughout the western world by people who join the nazislamists .

We have to fight more than ever

  • Israel offered medical aid to Gazans, but the PA refused to accept it / Dr. Itay Gal
Health Ministry prepared millions of shekels worth of medicine, chemotherapy and medical equipment for Strip; MDA offered blood donations. Full story


Doctors condemn Israeli ‘crime against humanity’

Twenty-four physicians and scientists publish open letter against IDF’s activity in Gaza in leading medical journal The Lancet. Health Ministry demands removal of letter’s online version.

Dr. Itay Gal0

7.29.14, 00:53 / Israel

The Lancet, one of the world’s leading general medical journals, has published an open letter signed by 24 doctors and scientists, harshly condemning the IDF’s activity in the Gaza Strip and calling on the world not to “remain silent while this crime against humanity continues.”

Most of the doctors who signed the document are from Italy, five are from Britain and one is from Norway.

More here.

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  1. Lancet and their writing staff (should I say stooges?) may be adept at writing falsifications like this. However, what they lack is some basic knowledge of history. Just to remind them a few facts:
    Britain will never be able to wash off the disgrace of colonialism in the infamous decades of the British Empire.
    Their country has gone down in the annals of world history as the pioneers of genocide and supreme robber. When I was visiting the British Museum in the 90’s I couldn’t help thinking how many people the British must have exterminated to get all those riches.
    The British HAVE NO RIGHT to judge other countries because they are themselves up to their necks covered with the blood of innocent souls in their former colonies.
    Where were they when 6 million Jews were being slaughtered by the Nazis?
    Where was their public opinion and the press?
    They wanted to appease Hitler and got his rockets on their heads. Where would they be now, but for the Soviet Army and Jews who fought in their brigades?
    Now they are trying to appease militant terrorist Islam. The Islamists have already occupied their country.
    Let them make no mistake. Theirs is the next turn. Those who think that appeasing Islamic bullies will help them save their skins are in for more than serious trouble.
    Thank god Israel the means to defend its people with dignity and determination.

    The letter published in “LANCET” is wholly permeated with frustration. One can’t buts suspect the authors of envy at the achievements of Israeli medical community and science. Why not seize the opportunity and lash at them on the political front?
    “LANCET” is medical journal and should stick to medical research instead of sticking its nose in politics and practicing militant anti-Semitism.

    David Golan

  2. Just shows how damn stupid they are.

    They should have a long talk to Brian of London and then apologise profusely to the State of ISrael for their woeful ignorance.

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