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Oh of course, it never has anything to do with Islam (/sarcasm)

Check this out though, he says that he has had ‘fruitfull’ discussions with the Taliban, as if the (his designation) ”the old Taliban” were baptist ministers meeting at a Sunday brunch. How clueless can you get? They’re all Islamonazis, one way or the other, if they could, they’d force you into Islam, or subjugate as a dhimmi, or kill you.

Take a look at the article to see just how clueless the guy is, he hasn’t seen in his 20 years working as an humanitarian, Islam fighting against its own members (Shiia-Sunni) nor Muslims waging war on Christians throughout the world, even in Afghanistan where Christians have been facoing death for their faith? What a maroon.

Red Cross worker deaths in Finland: It is not about religion, but the power of

According to Pepe Salmela, discussion between the Red Cross and Red Crescent, as well as between the old Taliban is good, but now it is becoming much more difficult.

Video: Red Cross's international aid worker Pepe Salmela morning TV as a guest on July 25.
Aid workers killed in Afghanistan shocks Finns. Red Cross aid worker Pepe Salmela talks about conditions in Afghan conditions.Yle

Red Cross’s international aid worker Pepe Salmela did not understand why the two Finnish Lutheran Mission aid workers killed in Afghanistan right now.

– This organization has a pretty good reputation. Why now, when this organization and these Finns have been there for years, Salmela wonders.

According to him, the discourse between the Red Cross and Red Crescent, as well as between the old Taliban went well, but now it is becoming much more difficult.

– I can not say much about the other organizations, but we were moving everywhere without armed guards, and we were probably the only organization that was able to do so, in Afghanistan, the threat is more a case of not doing your homework properly.

Salmela’s view, the Christianity of the organization  is not relevant to the probability of attack.

– In principle, it should have no effect. During these 20 years humanitarian work, I have not noticed that religions fighting with each other. It is about power and the use of power in Afghanistan.

Despite the difficulties, the work will bear fruit.

– Red Cross has done in Afghanistan really hard aid work and the protective value of the brand will have an impact for 25 years. And when the job is done properly, it will be influential, Salmela says. YLE

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