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Spreading their religion one body at a time.

It doesn’t matter to the Islam 101’er that they were there to help the people of Afghanistan, their work directly contradicted their ideology, that being, the sharia law and hatred of the non-Muslim. So no, I’m not shocked at all that happened, saddened of course, but shocked? Nope.

NOTE: Then there are the suicidal Finns who want more of the ‘enrichers”!

Applications for Finnish citizenship soar this year

In the first half of 2013 the number of citizenship applicants was 4,340.

The largest nationality group applying to become eligible for a Finnish passport were Russians, with 1,227 applications. Somali nationals made up the next largest group with 1,162 citizenship seekers, followed by Iraqis with 603 applications. More here.

Foreign Ministry: Two Finnish aid workers killed in Afghanistan

Finland’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that two Finnish aid workers have been killed in a gun attack in western Afghanistan. The ministry confirmed the news on its Twitter feed.

Video: Afganistanilainen lääkintäyksikkö kantaa ammuttuja avustustyöntekijöitä Heratin sairaalan ruumishuoneelle 24. heinäkuuta 2014.
Herat, western Afghanistan on Thursday following the shooting of two Finnish aid workers. WARNING: This video contains some graphic images. Video: Reuters

Two Finnish aid workers have been killed in a gun attack in western Afghanistan.

Reports say two gunmen on motorcycles shot the women as they travelled in a taxi in the city of Herat earlier on Thursday. The motorcyclists fled the scene but a spokesperson for the Afghanistani Interior Ministry said one person has been detained. Police say they are searching for the killers.

News of the deaths was confirmed on Thursday afternoon by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

The victims are believed to have been psychiatrists working for the International Assistance Mission charity. The identities of the two women have not yet been confirmed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the National Bureau of Investigation should play a role in the investigation. The Afghan authorities take the main responsibility for the probe.

President Sauli Niinistö has offered his condolences and expressed his shock at the atrocity.

“The Finnish women’s barbaric slaying touches us all,” said Niinistö in a statement. “The act is all the more shocking because the women were in Afghanistan to help the local people.”

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb also expressed his shock at the killings in his own statement.

“We are faced with a great tragedy. Now, it is important the we support the bereaved families. Finland requires that a thorough investigation be conducted to bring those guilty to justice. Finland must also reassess the security situation in Afghanistan,” Prime Minister Stubb said.

Sanna Selin, an Afghanistan expert from Finland’s Foreign Ministry says that western Afghanistan had been regarded as a relatively safe area. She says that the south and east of the country have been the centre of more unrest.

There are currently 41 Finns in Afghanistan who have registered with the Foreign Ministry.


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  1. This is extremely sad and troubling. And what Stubb said about bringing the guilty to justice is also most appropriate.

    But has he said anything about the shooting down of a commercial airline resulting in the death of 298 passengers (including 80 children) by a BUK surface to air missile supplied by Russia to people too stupid to identify the aircraft before unleashing this devastation?

    Perhaps he is afraid he might offend Putin?

    Oh – that’s right, there were no Finns on the manifest.

    He would have really been in a tight spot in that scenario.

    Ei mitaan hyvaa tulee idasta.

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