What do you do with such animals?

Europe let them in with wide open arms, and now are fearfully placating the miserable bastards.


Israeli football players attacked with flying kicks by pro-Palestinians who invade pitch during friendly match in Austria

By Mail Online Reporter 04:47 24 Jul 2014, updated 10:27 24 July

Protestors reportedly of Turkish origin attacked Maccabi players
    Some Maccabi players fought back as did coach Aleksander Stanojevic
    Maccabi denounced violence: ‘We believe in co-existence and tolerance’
    Lille were winning 2-0 when pre-season game was stopped after 86 minutes. Comes amid growing fears about anti-Semitism in Europe

Israeli football team Maccabi Haifa’s game against French side Lille had to be stopped after pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the pitch.

Supporters of reportedly Turkish origin ran onto the field in the Austrian stadium where the game was played and headed for the Maccabi players, sparking ugly scenes.

One of the players is seen to trip a fan before punches were thrown. The Maccabi players – some of whom retaliated – managed to leave the field unhurt.

Maccabi Haifa denounced the attack, saying the club ‘believes in co-existence, tolerance and is against violence’

VIDEO Scroll down to watch protestors storm the pitch and attack Maccabi players.

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  1. …Maccabi Haifa denounced the attack, saying the club ‘believes in co-existence, tolerance and is against violence’… And your enemies do not and that is why you will die if you don’t wise up.

    1. Exactly. There comes a time when you just have to fight back. Appeasement has never worked with bullies, thugs, and psychopaths.

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