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I’ve been saying it for years, for many of the same reasons as Brian.

arabs.waving.entrails.butchered.israelis.ramallahWhat they (Hamas) recently did to Tel Aviv, resulting in the U.S. FAA’s suspension of all flights to Israel, proves Israel CANNOT allow a similar situation in Judea and Samaria to be created. The two state solution is dead.

H/T: Brian of London

Two States For Two People Is Dead

This is not Ben Gurion Airport. The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014

So. Farewell
Two State Solution. 

Impractical and
Little loved
Source of
Untold corrupt wealth

Yes. Diplomatic

Gravy Train.

And after Madrid
And Oslo
And Camp David

All it really took
To kill you
Was a single boom

E.J. Thribb (17½)

Yesterday a single, solitary Hamas rocket got through our multi layered defences and landed near our airport. And the American FAA and then the Europeans ran screaming to their keyboards to BAN flights to Israel.

Kabul airpot in Afghanistan remains open. Flights to and from the Ukraine are even largely unaffected (more on this in the piece I’ll link to).

Tripoli is having trouble: 47 dead two days ago in battles actually at the airport (I wonder if they took their shoes off). Pictures from last week show that every plane on the ground when fighting started a week or so ago has been destroyed or damaged beyond flight.

But the biggest casualty is the preposterous concept that the Palestinian people can ever have a modern state within the borders of Israel. That another state could exist in Judea Samaria as it is today is unthinkable. As long as there is the chance that people with the same ideology as Hamas (who cares what Jihadi name they pick next) can come to power on the hills overlooking Tel Aviv and our airport, they can’t have a state.

The entire population of that mythical state, to a man, woman, child and donkey would need to renounce Jihad forever. And we’d have to make sure they didn’t have their fingers crossed behind their backs. As I’ve said before, absent an effort to “de-Islamize” in line with the denazification of Germany, there isn’t a snowball’s hope in hell of trusting these people with what they believe a state should entail.

More here.

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