anti-Semitic attack anti-Semitism ISLAM IN THE USA



Chicago, hub of the ”all inclusive, humanitarian” Democrat party.

This is a direct result from the Left’s continued attack against the U.S. civil society, which has been accentuated with increase in numbers of unassailable antisemites from the Islamic Middle East. The multi-culti statism threatening the US shows its face in party politics, where Islam is now becoming the pet project to catered and pampered to. This is what happens when politicians cater to race/ethnicity based (balkanization) politics, there is always some new group to supplant the ones taken for granted.


The Times of Israel reports that a day after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters demonstrated in downtown Chicago, leaflets threatening Jews with violence were found on a half-dozen cars. The hate crime unit of the Chicago Police has already opened an investigation.

The demonstration and the threatening leaflets are in reaction to Israel’s recent push into Gaza. Israel’s move was one of self-defense after dealing with countless rocket bombardments fired by Hamas terrorists determined to murder innocent Israeli civilians. The Gaza terrorists are dug in intentionally in civilian areas and civilians are being used as human shields to up the casualties and sway moral illiterates in the media.

The threatening letters promised violence against Jews in the Pulaski Park neighborhood if Israel doesn’t end its work of self defense against a group of barbaric terrorists determined to destroy the small Jewish country.

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