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Take note of these same protesters’ lack of interest in marching over Syria, ISIS and other jihadis murdering, raping and pillaging across the length, witdth and breadth of Syria and Iraq. Nor their lack of interest in protesting the persecution of minorities throughout the Islamic world. Nope, It’s just Jews protecting themselves from Islamonazis that gets them into the streets.

Clashes as pro-Palestine protesters march in Paris despite ban

Latest update : 19/07/2014

Despite a ban announced Friday, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched in Paris Saturday, leading to confrontations with the police and dozens of arrests.

  • On Friday, Paris city officials imposed a ban on the pro-Palestine demonstration set for Saturday after a similar protest had descended into violence earlier in the week.
  • Despite the ban, about 3,000 people came to show both their anger at the Israeli campaign in Gaza and their indignation at the Paris ban. Riot police were on site in the hours before the scheduled start to the protest.
  • The march began peacefully and quickly grew more violent. The fiercest confrontations appeared to be around the Barbès area in northern Paris, where cars were set alight and some demonstrators hurled rocks and other objects at the security forces.
  • However, by early evening, traffic was beginning to circulate again on the roads near Barbès and most protesters had dispersed, leaving behind smouldering wreckage.
  • Police said that the 38 protesters were arrested for violence against the police or for “throwing projectiles” such as rocks.
  • Police also reported that 14 officers were injured in the clashes.

To see what happened minute-by-minute on Saturday afternoon, scroll through FRANCE 24’s saved liveblog below.

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