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However, the support should be hovering around 80%.

This is not the greatest of news, in spite of the glowing review being given by the Jpost writer. Yes most Americans are supportive of Israel, but the Left is working overtime to infiltrate the the last great bastions of pro-Israel support, the evangelicals, who have seen their numbers, while still strong, still being chipped away.

Pew Research poll: US public support for Israel at near record highs

LAST UPDATED: 07/17/2014 05:50

Poll finds massive US support for Israel; Blacks, Hispanics sympathize with Israel more than twice as much as with Palestinians.

Celebrate Israel Parade

Knesset delegation to the annual Celebrate Israel Parade in New York. Photo: Courtesy

The US public’s support for Israel is at near-record levels, according to a Pew Research Center poll, despite the current violence and images of the destruction in the Gaza Strip playing out nightly on television screens across America.

Furthermore, the poll – carried out from July 8 to July 14 – indicates that support for Israel among blacks and Hispanics – demographic groups to which Israeli advocacy groups are increasingly reaching out – is more than double what it is for the Palestinians.

White evangelicals are – with the possible exception of Jews, who were not a demographic studied in this survey – the most sympathetic for Israel, while those unaffiliated with any church are the least supportive.

While Republicans sympathize with Israel far more than Democrats, Democratic support is still strong and even among “liberal Democrats” support for Israel far outstrips that for the Palestinians.

According to the survey, 51 percent of Americans said that they sympathize more with Israel in the “dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.” Only 14% said their sympathies are more with the Palestinians. Another 15% said they sympathize with neither side, and 3% with both sides.

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