What about the other passengers,  where were they in defense of her?

Clearly the wrong person was allowed to continue with the flight.




What the heck is going on?

An incident on a JetBlue airplane boarding at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida was apparently the site of the latest example of Dump the Jew, because they tend to go quietly when reprimanded.

Dr. Lisa Rosenberg had boarded the JetBlue plane for her return trip to New York City on Monday, July 7, and was on the telephone with a colleague in New York when things allegedly became very bizarre.
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg claims she was booted from a JetBlue flight because she is Jewish.

Dr. Lisa Rosenberg claims she was booted from a JetBlue flight because she is Jewish.

Rosenberg claims that she was on the telephone discussing what was happening between Israel and Gaza with a colleague as the rest of the passengers were boarding.

She was praising Israel’s restraint in responding to the kidnap and murder of the three teenagers and the government’s swift condemnation of the brutal murder of a young Palestinian Arab male. Rosenberg also expressed concern about the safety of her daughter who plans to be in Israel this year.

As she was finishing her conversation, an Arab woman approached her, informing Rosenberg she was offended by the content of the conversation.

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  1. The media and government continues to attempt to brainwash our citizens in America. Their use of language having turned our normal discourses “upside down and inside out” is a technique perfected by Saul Alinsky. Its roots are deep inside communist disinformation policies that have been used against truth and reason for decades. It has culminated in our current state of affairs, the White House, the Halls of Congress (yes Virginia, we won the war but have nearly lost the fight). I should hope that Dr. Rosenberg has the necessary connections to clean Jet Blue’s clock in this matter. She deserves a huge win for this discrimination in my opinion.

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