Islam in Denmark



One simple law would be for the jihadi to be stripped of his/her citizenship/residency and family sent packing. End of case.

Denmark considers new anti-jihadist laws

Denmark considers new anti-jihadist laws

At least 100 people have left Denmark to fight in Syria. Photo: Khalil Ashawi/Scanpix

Published: 12 Jul 2014 11:16 GMT+02:00

Denmark will consider following France’s newly-proposed get-tough approach to keep aspiring jihadists from travelling to Syria.

France’s proposal includes a ban on foreign travel of up to six months for individuals suspected of being radicalised and allows authorities to confiscate their passports.

Denmark’s justice minister, Karen Hækkerup, was in Milan, Italy this week with eight of her European colleagues to discuss the growing problem of Europeans who travel to Syria to take part in that country’s civil war.

Following France’s proposal, Danish MPs are reportedly considering whether Denmark should follow suit.

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