Hamas Islam in the Netherlands



It’s just too bad that they have these antisemitic 7th century throwbacks in their country, but they themselves (Dutch/EU elites) willingly invited them in.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, over at Bad News from The Netherlands

In The Hague, on Saturday, hundreds of demonstrators protested against Israel.  Some of them carried placards equating the Israeli flag with swastikas.  Others carried placards with “Stop doing what Hitler did to you”.  There were also flags of ISIS, the terror organization responsible for murdering thousands in Iraq and Syria.  The meeting was organized by the Palestine Committee, and the spokesman of the Palestinian diplomatic representation addressed the crowd.  Many of the demonstrators were Muslims. The Dutch police stood by.

Gates of Vienna:

Calling for a Jihad Against Israel in the Hague

When the latest round of missile attacks against southern Israel by Hamas began a few weeks ago, it seemed timed to accompany Israel’s attempt to recover the three teenagers abducted in the West Bank. Then, after the missing boys were found dead and a Palestinian teenager was killed in seeming reprisal, the number of rockets from Gaza increased.

For the first couple of weeks of attacks, Israel relied on its Iron Dome defenses; additional air responses were limited. During this time world leaders called on Israel to exercise “restraint”, and urged “both sides” not to risk the “peace process”. Outside of Israel there was no virtually no vigorous official condemnation of the aggressive rocket attacks by Hamas targeting civilians.

Then, when Israel began to actively defend itself — after the air raid sirens went off in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem — the world leapt to its feet in predictable outrage against this “disproportionate response”. The Palestinian flags and “Israel = Hitler” signs were brought out of storage and marched around the public squares of capital cities. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators railed against Israeli “war crimes” and attacked pro-Israel counter-demonstrators.

One such demonstration was mounted this afternoon in The Hague. A source in the PVV just sent us the following email:

Just now anti-Israel demo in the Hague, people with jihad and Israel=Nazi signs.

Incredible and disgusting. The police are not intervening.

Geert Wilders just tweeted that Holland is no Syria, and we are no Caliphate. People with those flags should be arrested, detained, stripped of the Dutch nationality and send abroad and never be allowed to return.

In the photo at the top of this post, you’ll notice al-raya, the black flag of jihad, being displayed proudly by the demonstrators. The supporters of Palestinian rocketeers are calling for a holy war against Israel. Do their leftist allies realize this fact? Do they care?

The young man sporting the keffiyeh in the right foreground is wearing a shirt with a “Fly Emirates” logo. I wonder if that’s where the funding comes from for all those banners, Pali flags, and expensively-printed swastika signs.

A sign in the background reads “Natanyahu [sic] War Criminal” in Dutch.

More here.

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  1. It is long past time for the west to awaken from its stupefying slumber and collectively carry out a jihad of its own. I, for one, don’t care what you call it, a New Crusade might be okay. Basically dealing with Islam is the same as dealing with a whining out of control 3 year old at a toy store. How much more should the parent put up with before punishment descends? The West is being bled out by paper cuts; some severe in numbers and some low. Nevertheless, we are dealing with a mafia like organisation that has already tortured or murdered well over 230,000,000 human beings on planet earth.
    It is enough already! MORE than enough. Playing patty cake has gotten us nowhere. And we are surprised that they continue to exhibit such behaviors to this day? Over 1,400 years of this behavior? Violating every sane law created in the Universe?
    Seems to me a scorched earth policy is far better than a slow and painful death for us – their main goal being conversion or death at their hands. What fools we continue to be.

  2. Patience is waring thi in every Western country. We’re starting to see some sane reactions though they are trying to be stifled by muslim agitprops living in the West. But they are having a harder and harder time playing innocent and using the ‘this is not the real islam’ line as more and more facts come to light showing how negative islam is in its aims and results.

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