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It’s my opinion that every single Paleostinian Islamonazi Hamas leader and those who work/take orders from them, be eliminated in the most cost effective way. If civilians are caught in the cross fire, so be it, as long as the overall (militarily) cost benefit has been adequately discussed and debated and approved. International law regarding the civilian population requires nothing more.

From my pal, Doris Wise Montrose:

Op-Ed: Land Invasion: Beware the Trap Laid by Hamas

There are more effective choices.

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 5:06 PM

Hamas, for the last few days, has been continuing the war it lost in Judea and Samaria – from Gaza.

The kidnapping and murder of the three boys afforded Israel the opportunity and legitimacy to hit hard at the organizaion’s infrastructure and send it several years back in its tracks, just when it was about to take over the area by means of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

However, the advantage of fighting on the ground is only the case in Judea and Samaria; in Gaza, Israel will find it vey difficult to act effectively on the ground for the following reasons:

1. Population size and density, especially in urban areas such as Gaza City, Khan Yunis, Rafiah and the refugee camps make it necessary for Israel to introduce large infantry forces to a considerable number of points.

2. A tank has no advantages in urban areas as it has limited maneuverability, cannot aim at upper floors and is a slow-moving, easily hit target for antitank weapons, such as RPGs and rockets.

3. An armored jeep is also an easy target for antitank weaponry in a built up area.

4. Soldiers making their way on foot in built up areas are sitting ducks for snipers. Hamas has laid mines, built tunnels underneath the houses, fortified sniper positions in strategically placed buildings.


The above leads to the following question: How should Israel respond in order to prevent continued rocket launching? The answer is clear:

1. Israel must not enter Gaza and continue dealing with the problem from the air, where Israel has a significant advantage over Hamas and the other terror organization.

2. Israel must continue and expand its targeted assassinations against activists and leaders Israel must give Hamas political leaders clear warning that continued rocket launching will lead to their elimination.

3. Israel must announce publicly that two days after the aforesaid announcement, it will shut the supply of electricity, water, food and fuel to Gaza, and that this will continue until the rockets cease. Israel can also threaten to cut off all line-based communication to Gaza that goes through Israel. There has never been a situation in which a country continues to provide supplies and services to an area from which it is being shot at. This two days in advance warning is intended to deal with legal, public, poliical and media issues that might result from the cutoff.

As this article was being written, on Tuesday, July 8, the Palestinian Arabs launched more than 100 rockets and missiles at Israeli cities, from Sderot in the south to Hadera in the north., including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. On that very same day, Israel allowed 170 truckloads of food – I repeat, 170 truckloads! – filled with food and other supplies to enter Gaza. Is there a greater absurdity than that one??

4 Responses

  1. Nicely put, but I’m not that sophisticated. Personally, I think a nuke should do the trick.

  2. As I have said before : Drones and daisy-cutters!

    Its fast, loud and effective.

  3. Another solution which would also fix a problem Gazans have been complaining about – overfilled sewage treatment dams.

    Create diversion channels and empty these dams into the tunnels – along with the entire contents of Gaza’s sewer system

  4. “If civilians are caught in the cross fire, so be it, as long as …”

    In Islam, there is no distinction between civilians and military. All of them, children included, are considered soldiers for this dreadful ideology.

    To fight monsters, one has to be(come) a monster oneself. This is like pest eradication, one has to be thorough to have any effect at all.

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