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Easy to see why more and more Finns loathe their public/state news broadcaster YLE. Non-stop propaganda from beginning to end, and on your euro.

h/t: Harri, translation TTyle propaganda

YLE fake journalist Eero Mäntymaa lays blame on the recent outburst of violence on, you guessed it, Da Jooooos.

Point of view: the Middle East, never-ending spiral of revenge and other errors in judgement

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: Does the Palestinians and Israelis constant spat again frustrate you? Does the subject coverage hurt the ears? This is exactly why you’ll want to read this text, writes Eero Mäntymaa.

[TT: Actually, the only thing that frustrates is the highly uninformed, grossly inept and biased reporting by the fake media that YLE so carefully represents.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: A large number of journalists have flown to Israel this week. This happens whenever crises around the world comes to a head, in other words, when the bombs begin to fall. A journalist’s work is not easy. Reports are compiled quickly collected from crumbs of infomation. It’s not any easier for those who attempt the same from Finland.

That’s why I do not waste the next 2243 characters in trying to explain what is happening. Instead, I present a few opinions as to what in the region does not occur.

[TT: Note that he admits that journalists (using the term lightly here) fly into Israel, not Egypt, not Lebanon, nor Egypt or Libya or even Jordan, but to Israel. The fact is, most ”news” organizations covering the Middle East on a regular basis, already have their employees based in Israel, not in the countries that they cover.

Truth be told, a journalist’s work should never be easy, because it demands ”fact finding”, an inquisitive/curious nature, tempered by honesty and at least a modicum of impartiality. YLE hack (faux) journalist, Eero Mäntymaa, obviously contains none of these needed ingredients.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: The “Conflict” did not begin with  three Israeli teenage boy’s abduction and murder. It is easy to see Hamas rockets and Israeli bomb attacks in June,  as just a response to capture the kidnap drama and massive search operations in the West Bank. The conclusion is false.

A starting point for a series of events  can  be timed by several historical moments, I will draw it now to 1967. At that time, a young Israel and the surrounding Arab countries fought against each other for six days, Israel occupied the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

In a way, we are following the ripples generated by that war. Israel has never dismantled its occupation in the West Bank, it continues to blockade Gaza and, in addition, it has conquered little by little the West Bank with the help of the settlements. Palestinians not given an opportunity to forget their predicament, because they live on with it.

[TT: No, the ”conflict did not start with  the Islamonazi capture and subsequent murder of three yeshiva students, it started with the birth of Islam. More recently it started with the rise of antisemitic machinations by the al-Husseini tribe led by the Nazi war criminal Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the former mufti of Jerusalem. His anti-Jew animus (inculcated from koranic, hadith and sunna sources) pre-dated that of the Nazis, and was the prime motivating factor in the war against the Jews, culminating in prior pogroms and eventual military invasions by Arab armies in 1948, after Israel accepted the notion of partition of the Palestine Mandate which the Arabs rejected.

It’s easy to see why the fake journalist, Eero Mäntymaa, chose the 67′ war, for the Left and other Arab supporters, it’s the mother of all conflicts in the world, all history starts with that war. Taking the usual non-factual approach favoured by the Left, he fails to mention the Arabs’ intent which led to the breakout of hostilities, we read that they just ”fought each other for six days ” and that Israel ”occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip”.

In reality, Israel was fighting the Soviet Union by proxy of six Arab armies, and would have been defeated if not for pre-empting their attack by taking out Egypt’s air force after they had sealed Israeli access to the Red Sea a few weeks earlier. As for the settlements, they are entirely legal under international law and the San Remo accords, something that YLE ”ace journalist” Eero Mäntymaa is completely oblivious about.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: Thus, it is not a never-ending spiral of revenge, without a beginning or end.

Think about Western Europe after World War II. Fear and anger were brewing between the peoples, but they are suppressed by strengthening cooperation between the countries, increasing in trade, and by reducing borders. The occupation of a defeated German was torn down and the people were allowed to rise to their feet. What Europe would look like if that had not been done? We can look at the Middle East for some indicators, the situation in which the exception was never dismantled.

This exceptional situation is the engine that keeps the cycle of revenge alive and ensures that we can keep track of bad news now, and in the future.

[TT: How moronic can you get? Nazi Germany was totally defeated, and in many cases, their cities were not left with one brick was left upon the other, and their leaders brought before justice, ending up being either jailed or executed for war crimes against humanity. In the case of the Arabs, war criminal Hajj Amin al-Husseini was allowed to escape to Egypt, become head of a major international Arab state organization, the Arabs in Palestine funded by Europe and turned into perennial victims, being poster children for antisemitic international organizations.

Germans (and Japanese) were allowed to rise to their feet by the allied occupational powers, but only with the understanding that they were a defeated people, not victims of ”Allied aggression” who will one day rise up and defeat their ”oppressors”. Besides, Israel is not occupying Hamas, any more than Egypt is, who also shares a border with Hamas, and both guards it and monitors it, and refuses their (Muslim Brotherhood) free movement within Egyptian territory.

The only people ensuring that the Arabs’ conflict with Israel continues, is morons like Eero Mäntymaa, and other like minded fools within the halls of government of European states and within the EU and its fake parliament. Their support is seen by these Islamonazis as further proof that their dirty terrorist war will eventually pay off.

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: This is not a sudden or unexpected. Keeping these things in mind, we should not be any more amazed that the Palestinians and the Israelis do not like each other. The Palestinian daily life is limited in movement, arrests, demolishing houses and bombings. Israel is the world’s most militarized state whose people afraid of the Palestinians and hostile neighboring countries. Fearful and militarily superior response to violence is not only violent, but often disproportional.

These errors in judgement are largely to blame of us journalists. With the continued occupation of 47 years, it ceases to be news. Even death loses its news value when it becomes commonplace. No news is good news, it is said. No news can also mean just the old, bad news.

Processes and quiet development are not newsworthy – only large military operations and other bursts of violence. They have frequent updates to update, a little bit of the same as a boiling kettle from time to time gushes of water onto the stove.

Should we keep more track of what maintains the heat?

[TT: Understanding the antisemitic nature of Islam that has permeated the Arabs’ conflict with the Jews, is the key to understanding the conflict in its entirety. Israel is a highly militarized state very much like Europe was during the Cold War, only a fool like Eero Mäntymaa would mistake the effect for the cause.

In one respect he gets it right, journalists, in fact, fake journalists like himself, are indeed to blame for the muddying of the waters of the conflict, by turning genocidal murderers (who hold many within their own society as captives and fodder) into folk heroes and victims, as they heap scorn and hatred upon the Jewish state.

People like Mäntymaa are not only fake journalists, but humanitarian racists as well, who are all too wiling to turn a blind eye to their abusive, violent nature, because ”that is what Arabs do”, ”it’s in their nature to behave in such a way”, as thy blame the easy target of the democratic state of Israel.

Besides, Jews don’t issue fatwas, and they know it.]

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