Israel Self Reliance



Expect the islamonazis to make good on their promise to strike with pop-tards.



The Iron Dome missile defense system, co-developed by the United States’ Raytheon and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has achieved an impressive 90 percent success rate in shooting down rockets launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

The advanced short-range missile defense system automatically calculates if rockets fired by the Palestinian jihadis in Gaza are likely to hit populated areas. If the computer calculates a threat to the civilian areas, it immediately launches a counter-missile, calibrating the projectile to intercept and terminate the incoming rockets. The missile will then detonate when it comes within close proximity of its airborne target, destroying the threat.

The Iron Dome has been utilized to intercept roughly 27 percent of the rockets fired between Monday and midday Wednesday. Since the Iron Dome has been activated, the system has successfully thwarted 90 percent of rockets sent towards Israel.

In Operation Pillar of Defense, an Israeli military operation carried out in 2012 in which Israel conducted a ground raid into the Gaza strip, its Iron Dome batteries terminated 84% of incoming rockets from Gaza.

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