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Former NOKIA CEO now bureacratic hack Jorma Ollila is driving this outrage. Forget freedom of movement and privacy rights, when its the public’s purse involved, anything goes.

A report submitted to the Transport Ministry by former Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila last year suggested a pay-as-you-drive system based on satellite tracking devices installed in every vehicle, that would send details of a car’s movements to the tax authorities.

MPs discuss new pay-as-you-drive road tax

A system of taxation based on how far a person drives would replace a blanket vehicle registration charge, under proposals discussed by Parliament’s transport committee. The per-kilometre charges would be topped up by road maintenance taxes, payable by all motorists as well as public transport authorities and drivers from abroad.

Ruuhkaa pääkaupunkiseudulla 17. kesäkuuta 2014.
Ruuhkaa pääkaupunkiseudulla 17. kesäkuuta 2014. Image: Yle

Parliament’s transport committee has proposed an overhaul to Finland’s system of road tax.

The new system would be based on taxing road users depending on how much they drive, rather than a blanket vehicle registration charge.

The proposed tax would be lower than current levels, but under the measures being discussed, drivers would also face extra charges for road tolls and fuel duty.

Foreign vehicles and public transport would also be subject to road maintenance charges.

Committee chair Kalle Jokinen, from the National Coalition Party, said that a billion euros in revenue from the new taxes would be invested back into public transport.

Social Democrat MP and committee member Merja Kuusisto said she has reservations about the new system. “When this type of new model is introduced, we have to examine carefully who will end up paying the charges. Unemployed people and those on small incomes can’t necessarily afford to buy a car, so I see it as very important to support the role of public transport too,” she said.

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