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What a bunch of bullcrap.

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Straight talking about Islam, based solely on the facts, will earn those who dare the badge of ”racist & Islamofauxbe”. Don’t be suckered by the smear merchants, their nonsense speaks more about them than those of us who expose their creed and deeds.

Action needed to tackle ‘rampant’ Islamophobia on social media, says expert

The government and police must do more to reduce anti-Islamic abuse suffered by Muslims on social media, a top criminologist has said.

Imran Awan, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the Birmingham City University, revealed that the phrases ‘Muslim paedos’, ‘Muslim terrorists’, and ‘Muslim scum’ were the three most Islamophobic terms used to attack Twitter users.

Publishing his report into ‘A Typology of Online Hate against Muslims on Social Media’, Mr Awan found that anti-Islamic sentiment had risen sharply in the virtual environment since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, and was often targeted at Muslims engaging in legitimate debate online.

The hashtags #Woolwich, #Muslim and #Islam were used to explore trends in online Islamophobia, with the results showing that 72% of tweets were posted by males and 75% of all tweets expressed strong anti-Islamic feeling, mostly making use of negative Muslim stereotypes.

More here. H/T Buck

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  1. What do Musloids expect with respect to their murderous dogshit dogma?

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