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The game plan is to radically transform the US into a 3rd world backwater.


Navy pilot, combat veteran, and Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine, who sits on the House Armed Services committee, was denied entry to the Health and Human Services facility housing over 1,000 unaccompanied alien children at the Fort Sill military base in Oklahoma.

Appearing in an interview on Breitbart News Saturday with Editor in Chief of Breitbart News and host of the show Alex Marlow, Bridenstine recounted his experience on Wednesday when he visited the base to discuss military topics with the commanding general.

Afterward, the Congressman drove over to the area at the base where illegal alien detainees were being held. Immediately, he was thwarted from entering the holding area because of a surrounding, newly-built chain link fence blocking off the area. Other than the fence, Bridenstine said that the housing looked like a typical apartment complex, often seen on military bases. Marlow considered the incident ironic, saying “I thought America wasn’t good at building fences.” The Congressman replied that, for this administration, fences don’t work on our southern border, but they work on a military base.

The Congressman then drove around the fenced-off area, where unaccompanied illegal immigrant children are being held, looking for a security guard station or check in point. After driving around the barracks a couple of times, Bridenstine discovered that “there were no access points, all the gates were locked down tight, and there was no security person visible.” Finally, Bridenstine saw someone peering through a crack in the fence, so he walked over and introduced himself. “I’m United States Congressman Jim Bridenstine; I’m on the Armed Services committee; I represent the first district of Oklahoma, and I would very much like to speak to the person who runs this facility.”


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