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Then Iran fills the void.

The best way forward is for Iranian and Saudi islamonazis to finish each other off.

Iranian propaganda rag Press TV

London protesters slam S Arabia for backing Takfiri militants

Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:0AM GMT
Eisa Ali, Press TV, London
Fact Corner
  • Hundreds of people have demonstrated outside the Saudi embassy in London to protest Riyadh’s support for Takfiri groups like the ISIL. The protesters have called on the British government to use its influence on Riyadh to help stop the Saudi support for the Takfiris.

As the world watches on in horror at the crimes being committed in Iraq by the ISIL, anger is growing at Saudi Arabia for funding and arming Takfiri groups such as the ISIL.

On Sunday, Hundreds of people gathered outside the Saudi Embassy in London to voice that anger and call on Riyadh to stop its support for such groups. Despite official Saudi denials of playing any role in the rise of groups like ISIL, these protestors say that the country’s support for the Takfiri ideology is the cause of their rise in the first place. Some of the protestors called on the British government to use its influence to put pressure on Saudi to help stop backing the support for Takfiri extremists.

For years, critics have warned Saudi Arabia that it would one day find itself in the sights of the same Takfiri groups it supports elsewhere in the region, as those groups view Riyadh’s rulers as tyrants and heretics. As the militants make advances towards the Saudi Border, the protestors say the kingdom should change course for its own sake, before it too finds itself engulfed in ISIL’s flames of terror.

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