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From YLE, the same gov’t mouthpiece that pushes global warming/climate change hysteria on its people.

Finnish waters unusually cool mid-way through summer

This summer swimmers in Finland are having to steel themselves to take the plunge in most of Finland’s lakes and waterways. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) reports that waters across the country are colder than normal, in some places as cold as they have been in any summer since 2000.

Nainen uimassa Näsijärvessä.
Swimmers have to brave cool waters in most parts of Finland this year. Image: Antti Eintola / Yle

Finnish waters are for the most part clean enough to swim in, and in summer provide a welcome chance to cool off and enjoy the warmer weather. This year things are different: colder spring and early summer conditions have ensured that in many places the water hasn’t yet warmed up to normal summer temperatures.

”At the end of June lake waters remained exceptionally cold and in many places they were colder than during any summer since the year 2000,” said the hydrologist Heidi Sjöblöm of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in a press release. ”Temperatures will rise a little in the first week of July.”

At the end of July water temperatures were between 14 and 17 degrees in the south and centre of the country and between 5 and 13 degrees in Lapland. Those temperatures are 2-4 degrees Celsius below normal levels across the country.

Those swimmers brave enough to leap into the chilly waters might face another problem. Thanks to reduced snowfall in the winter and a lack of precipitation since then, water levels in parts of the country are also lower than usual. Three lakes in Pirkanmaa are between 20 and 40cm below their average level.

Lake Saimaa in the sodden south-east of the country, however, is 30cm higher than the seasonal average. YLE

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  1. The only thing we need to understand about climate change/global warming /whatever, is that it is a hoax.

    Who was it that said: The bigger the lie the more people are likely to swallow it . . hook, line, and sinker.

    The one thing to remember is the expression attributed by Cicero to a Roman judge: Cui Bono? That is, who benefits?

    Just follow the money trail and see where it leads.

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