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100 Islamonazis with Danish residency killed in the jihad in Syria

But sadly only 15 of them have been dispatched to the Islamic brothel in the sky.

At least 100 Danes have fought in Syria

At least 100 Danes have fought in Syria

The terror analysis predicts that fighters will continue to leave Denmark for Syria. Photo: Marwan Ibrahim/Scanpix

Published: 28 Jun 2014 14:49 GMT+02:00

An analysis released by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste – PET) on Saturday revealed that at least 15 Danes have died in Syria while participating in that country’s ongoing civil war.

PET’s Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) estimated that at least 100 individuals have left Denmark for Syria to fight and that at least 15 of them have died.

The analysis also states that CTA expects even more people from Denmark’s extremist Muslim environment to join the war in Syria.

“We have never before seen so many leave Denmark for a conflict zone over such a short period as we see now with Syria,” the head of CTA, Søren Jensen, told news agency Ritzau.

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