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1%’er in hiding.

How to pass yourself off as ”one of the common Joe’s”, while hiding a massive amount of wealth you didn’t earn the old fashioned way. In other words, through hard work that in the end produces wealth benefiting society in general.

NOTE: At least, Mitt Romney, (RINO) made his money producing wealth, which normal Americans applaud and try to emulate. Clinton(s) got theirs through back handed/insider trading deals and other chicanery, as well as over the top funded speaking gigs.

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Hillary Clinton’s money problem

Hillary Clinton is shown. | AP Photo

It’s unclear whether a wealthy Democratic 2016 aspirant can succeed in a populist era. | AP Photo

Hillary Clinton is having a very hard time being rich.

After two weeks of verbal gaffes and unflattering headlines, Democratic operatives, political historians and counselors to the nation’s wealthy agree that Clinton’s current strategy — acting like she’s not incredibly rich and made her money the old-fashioned way — is not working and needs to change. Fast.

“Her responses so far have come off as somewhat disingenuous, probably because she has a lot of ambivalence about her own wealth,” said Jamie Traeger-Muney, a psychologist whose Wealth Legacy Group focuses on counseling the affluent, an especially busy business in the current era of hostility to the 1 percent. “It feels like there is a lot of shame in there, and that is very common for wealth holders, especially in today’s climate.”

It’s unclear whether a super-wealthy Democratic presidential aspirant can succeed in a populist era defined by a tepid economy, flat wages and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some Democrats argue these early dust-ups won’t matter unless Clinton gets a primary challenge from the left. But the current criticism over her wealth could influence her decision to run — and if she runs and gets the nomination, Republicans could paint her as out of touch with average Americans, much as Democrats did to Mitt Romney in 2012. There’s also a chance Republicans will wind up nominating a populist, Wall Street-basher of their own, such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

What is clear now is that the status quo for Clinton and the conundrum of what to do about it are quickly giving new meaning to the phrase “Hard Choices.”

Traeger-Muney said Clinton needs to figure out a way to “own” her own wealth and success and not sound defensive about it while continuing her current strategy of pointing to all the work she’s done for the middle class and poor over her long career in public service.

“It would be great for her to explore her own ambivalence around wealth and what it means to have her policy views and be a wealth holder,” Traeger-Muney said. “The moment she’s at peace with that for herself, the need for coaching would diminish.”

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