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How a Sydney teen, 13, was kidnapped by her father, taken to Syria and forced to marry her cousin before escaping violent and terrifying ordeal on her 18th birthday

Tearful: Ms Farrah was emotional as she retold her horrifying ordeal on Channel Nine's 60 Minute show on Sunday night

  • Australian Rania Farrah was taken against her will to Syria while on holiday with her older brother in Egypt
  • Her father’s family turned her into a child bride while she was trapped in the country’s capital, Damascus, for five years
  • Forced to have a virginity test and was beaten by her father and brother
  • Managed to escape on 18th birthday after contacting British Embassy
  • Is still hiding from her father, who is also now allegedly back in Sydney


An Australian girl who was kidnapped, beaten and married off to her older cousin by her father’s family in Syria at the age of 13 has spoken out about her horrific five-year ordeal for the first time.

Rania Farrah was on what was meant to be a trip of a lifetime to Egypt to visit the pyramids with her older brother but instead ended up being turned into a child bride by her own family.

Appearing on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Ms Farrah revealed she planned to commit suicide if her escape plan on her 18th birthday didn’t work, and said: ‘I was just in a depression the whole time I was there… I just thought of Australia.’

Kidnapped: Australian Rania Farrah was 13 when she was abducted by her father's family and taken to Syria from Egypt

Kidnapped: Australian Rania Farrah was 13 when she was abducted by her father’s family and taken to Syria from Egypt

Ms Farrah, who grew up living in Sydney’s southwest and is the daughter of a Syrian Muslim and his Australian convert wife, was married off to her cousin who she had never met and endured terrible beatings after being taken to Syria’s capital Damascus from Egypt.

Her mother, who had previously fled Ms Farrah’s father after 20 years of violent marriage, knew about her daughter’s kidnapping but told her during phone calls from that she could not afford to bring her home to Australia.


She felt ‘confusion and fear’ as nurses came and held her down. After the virginity test – despite the results showing she was indeed a virgin – her father and brother beat her at her Auntie’s house.

‘It’s quite a normal thing to kill your daughter for not being a virgin,’ she noted.

On Sunday, Ms Farrah described her father as ‘an evil person, he’s the most evil person you’ll ever meet’.

Opening up to Liz Hayes about the shocking crime of forced marriage that affects hundreds of Australian women every year, she explained that she shut off her emotions and played along with her family’s plan while dreaming of her escape.

Living in a strict Muslim world, she attended an Islamic school and learned Arabic. ‘I did all the things they asked me to do… I was taught how to pray and fast for Ramadan,’ she said.

A reenactment of Ms Farrah's time in Syria on 60 Minutes showed her wearing a hijab

Reenactment: The 60 Minute show illustrated how Ms Farrah escaped Syria on her 18th birthday. She was driven to safety in Jordan by British Embassy officials before boarding a flight to Sydney

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  1. The mother of this girl was an Anglo-Saxon Australian. She was apparently complicit in organising the Egyptian ‘holiday’ with her then separated husband. She needs to be exposed as well.

    As for the muslim father – he’s apparently back in Australia – with a new wife and new children – and has threatened to cut the girl’s throat. He has an apprehended violence order against him – but since when has that ever stopped a tard determined to see ‘honour’ restored to his massive ego?

    So there’s another party at fault – the Australian Department of Immigration – for allowing the readmission of this turd into Australia.

  2. These are the dirtbags of the world, do you expect any other outcome?

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