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Punishment not equal to act.

Instead, the city council that allowed the beachhead to be built in the first place, should be in the slammer for a five year stint or more.

Teenage girl sentenced to a year in jail for throwing bacon on a Scotland mosque

Edinburgh Central Mosque Photo Credit:

How long will it be until libs in the United States start sentencing people to jail for “hurting other people’s feelings”?

A teenage girl was sentenced to lock-up for 12 months Friday for throwing bacon at the window of a mosque and wrapping a few pieces around the door handles, the BBC reported.

No one would question that desecration of a church of any kind is wrong. The act, committed in January 2013, while unkind and inexcusable, was not vandalism. It damaged nothing and hurt nobody. What ostensibly should have resulted in a fine, an obligation to polish the handles and sweep the floor, turned out to be much more.

Chelsea Lambie, 18, and two friends were convicted by a jury of threatening and abusive behavior in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Douglas Cruikshank, 39, was sent to jail for nine months because he pled guilty, and Wayne Stilwel from Gorebridge, who also pled guilty, received 10 months behind bars.

According to The Scotsman, the sole worshipper inside saw the trio at the door but ignored them, and then heard something hit against the prayer room window, the uncooked bacon.

At the trial, security guard Usman Mahmood explained the offensive nature of the encroachment.

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  1. Compare this to the “Pussy riot” conviction and the upproar it caused in the west – One is “Free Speech” and the other is a legitimate serious offence? Frankly, I do consider the “Pussy Riot” sentence rather harsh, though the group were repeat offenders – But I do consider what this teenager did rather minor in comparison. Add to that that she has a young child. Maybe part of the purpose of the 12 month sentence is about removing the child from her “islamophobe” custody?

    Your take on what the sentence should be is along the same lines I reason. “They” don’t even pretend any more – Not even the illusion of Equality before the law exists on British Isles any more (either). The West is re-joining the middle east with Blasphemy laws and I’ve even seen some stupid Christians argue for this to happen. Doubly stupid because they don’t seem to get that these blasphemy laws does not apply to offences against Christianity (that would be equally wrong!).

    On a lighter and unrelated note: Since the World Cup is on, do you watch soccer? Quite a lot of action in soccer, Especially the Diverse, Multicultural kind.

    Half-time action between Vasalund and (“Kurdish National team”) Dalkurd in Div-1 in Sweden yesterday:

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