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Students’ extremist views pushed professor out of U of C

 Students' extremist views pushed professor out of U of C

Aaron Hughes a professor who says he left the U of C after officials failed to respond to his concerns about radical views held by students on campus.

Photograph by: Supplied , Calgary Herald

A former professor at the University of Calgary says he left his tenured position after colleagues refused to respond to his concerns with students spreading radical Muslim views.

Aaron Hughes, a prolific author on religion who holds a PhD on Islamic studies, said he once found a message scrawled in Arabic across his classroom’s chalkboard endorsing Islamic Jihad and Hamas, widely considered a terrorist group by western countries.

Hughes, who is Jewish, said he interpreted the message as anti-Semitic, but he said the university declined to remove the offending student from his class.

“I would have to go teach this class as a victim staring my aggressor in the face,” he said.

Hughes, who now teaches at the University of Rochester, said he’s not surprised by reports of Calgarians travelling abroad to fight with extremist groups, given what he experienced. He wondered whether influences on university campuses are helping to fuel this movement of young men waging jihad in Syria and Iraq.

The professor and researcher said he also saw a young Muslim stand up during a University of Calgary memorial service for the 9/11 terrorist attacks to say, “Islam will always stand up for those who are dispossessed.” Later, he saw a student wearing a Hamas headband.

Hughes’ comments have again highlighted fears of homegrown radicalization in Calgary and raised questions about the line that divides freedom of expression from hate speech.

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  1. Quote from linked article:

    “But Hughes said the university did nothing when he reported he was uncomfortable teaching religion in what he considered a hostile environment before he left the university in 2009. He said he had also become concerned with ‘conservative’ [??] views he heard in his Islamic studies classes where he said students advanced a narrow view of Islam, decrying scholars as heretics and certain fields of study as non-Muslim.”

    Not only was this professor threatened, the entire university’s religion program was to be filtered through the Islamic shariah lens. Yet the campus authorities had the gall to claim:

    ” the University of Calgary said it promotes free and open debate of ideas and provides a safe environment for students, faculty and staff on campus.”

    “Free and open debate ” apparently has a very progressive, ‘fluid’ interpretation in that circle of insane ‘intelligence’.

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