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The Vatican, the Imam, the three unapproved prayers and interfaith movement origins in general.

An interesting thing happened at the Vatican on June 8 of this year. The pope invited what sounds like the setup for a 70s joke, an imam, a rabbi and a priest, to come and each give prayers for peace in the Vatican rose garden.

When the imam got up to read his prepared materials, all of which had been submitted in advance for approval as had all the materials to be read by all, the imam read 3 verses of the koran which he had not submitted in advance as well as some free form thoughts of his own.

Gates of Vienna and this site have written a few posts on this, here and here and GoV here But the importance of the event should not be underestimated. The meaning of the 3 extra verses you are about to see with great attention to detail and with highly acclaimed and authoritative Islamic texts,  will be shown to be basically a direct insult to the Jews and Christians in attendance. The Vatican’s response was to write some pot-boiler sophistry to deflect the imam’s insult in order to not take away from the intended spirit of the event one would assume. But this event was broadcast live to the entire Islamic world and it is highly likely that a large percentage of muslims watching knew exactly what took place, not to mention a number of Christian and other minority groups living in Islamic lands, even if nearly no Westerners did.

This is not without importance and not without consequence.

Special thanks to Stephen Coughlin who worked patiently with me on this over several days of recording as well as assembling the materials referenced in his answers and explanations.

Below, the actual speech the imam gave subtitled. There is a minor error with the translation. Unbelievers should read, ‘Kufar’

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  1. Hi, what bothers me on this whole ‘act’ is the fact that it took place in the rose garden, giving proof that the Vatican knew that it was ‘breaking’ the rules for Mass.
    There are guidelines by the Vatican on Mass celebration, whoever organized the whole thing KNEW what he was doing!

    [79.] Finally, it is strictly to be considered an abuse to introduce into the celebration of Holy Mass elements that are contrary to the prescriptions of the liturgical books and taken from the rites of other religions.

    [108.] “The celebration of the Eucharist is to be carried out in a sacred place, unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise. In this case the celebration must be in a decent place.”[197] The diocesan Bishop shall be the judge for his diocese concerning this necessity, on a case-by-case basis.

    [109.] It is never lawful for a Priest to celebrate in a temple or sacred place of any non-Christian religion.

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